Search Links

Looking for a doctor, clinic, hospital, business or witness? The following sites might be useful:

People Search – Find a person anywhere in the United States with just a last name or a phone number with the American Assistance Database.

AMA Doctor Finder – This site provides information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States, including MD’s and DO’s. You can search by name or medical specialty.

KnowX – This site contains a collection of searchable databases assembled from public records. It includes a Bankruptcy database, DBA and Ltd records and professional licensing information. You can locate businesses, people, run a background check, locate assets of a person or business and much more.

Ancestry – You can search this site’s Social Security Death Index for free. Find people by name, birth date, death date and/or social security number.

MapQuest! – Enter starting and destination address and get door to door driving directions and mileage.

FindLaw – An overall legal research site which gives you access to case law, legal news in the community, legal organizations, consultants and experts and much more.